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PostgreSQL Hebdo #80

Lu cette semaine : WITH HOLD cursors and transactions in PostgreSQL Strings, arrays, recursion, and parsing JSON: Exploring PL/pgSQL Using Query ID in Postgres 14 Range Types & Recursion: How to Search Availability with PostgreSQL How partial, covering, and multicolumn indexes may slow down  […]

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PostgreSQL Hebdo #58

Lu cette semaine : Reduce WAL by increasing checkpoint distance PostgreSQL 12 Generated Columns: another use case private, public plpgsql functions Automatic Database Management System Tuning Through Large-scale Machine Learning (pdf) Nouvelle publication de Odyssey, l'autre pooler de connexion :  […]

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PostgreSQL Hebdo #55

Lu cette semaine : PostgreSQL 12: Implementing K-Nearest Neighbor Space Partitioned Generalized Search Tree Indexes Support for PostgreSQL’s System identifier in Barman Debian-Integration of Patroni and vip-manager Un projet pour tester rapidement les mauvaises pratiques connues : Don’t do these  […]

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