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PostgreSQL Hebdo #103

Lu ces dernières semaines : Please welcome Pg_index_watch – a utility for dealing with index bloat on frequently updated tables puis Automated index bloat management: How pg_index_watch keeps PostgreSQL indexes lean : comment gérer la fragmentation des index ; TIL - IN is not the same as ANY : les  […]

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PostgreSQL Hebdo #57

Lu cette semaine : Why I’m not fan of uuid datatype Isolation Repeatable Read in PostgreSQL versus MySQL Parallelism, what next? shared_buffers: Looking into the PostgreSQL I/O cache Have An Eye On Locks Of PostgreSQL Writing Analytics SQL with Common Table Expressions Researching PostGIS slowness  […]

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PostgreSQL Hebdo #35

Vu et lu cette semaine : Retour sur le problème fsync PostgreSQL vs. fsync : How is it possible that PostgreSQL used fsync incorrectly for 20 years, and what we'll do about it. dans le wiki de PostgreSQL : Publication d'un correctif : PostgreSQL 11.2, 10.7,  […]

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